John & VeselinaSt. Michael’s Printshop is an artist-run print studio which provides professional fine art printmaking facilities for established and emerging artists. A lure for printmakers who crave a space in which to create art surrounded by the extraordinary natural landscape of the North Atlantic, the Printshop also attracts visuals artists who wish to explore printmaking as a new medium for the first time through workshops with local and visiting printmakers.


stmichaelsprofile_amerysandford Don Wright Scholar - A special welcome goes out to our next Don Wright Scholar, Amery Sandford! Check out her website to get a taste of her work:
10483160_10154621899350484_7355606835622089261_o Fresh Prints - The First Space Art Gallery in the Queen Elizabeth II Library at Memorial University is celebrating the 40th anniversary of St. Michael’s Printshop with an exhibit of 14 emerging artists from various countries around the globe. These works encapsulate the ideas, imagery and media that these artists are working with. On display until December 17, […]