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Teach a workshop

SMP will advertise calls for workshops during the year (frequency of calls will depend on existing programming). All members are additionally welcome to propose a workshop outside of the call following this application process.

1. All workshops hosted through SMP will require an application from the hosting member/s a minimum of one month prior to the proposed date. 

2. The Executive Director (ED) will approve all workshops in consultation with staff and the Board of Directors.

3. Applications must include: proposed techniques/processes, minimum and maximum number of participants, dates/times, space required, required assistance, and any other information the member/s feel is relevant to the application.

4. Approval of workshop considerations include: feasibility, cost, relevance, and diversity of programming. 

5. All member/s who host workshops will be compensated at a minimum of $40/hour

6. SMP, in consultation with the hosting member/s, will determine the cost to attend the workshop to ensure the artist fees and supplies are covered/workshop remains accessible.

7.  All revenue from the workshop will be collected by the member/s or SMP (to be determined in conversation with the member/s and the ED). 

8.  All workshop participants will be SMP members.

9.  SMP and the workshop host member/s will collectively determine a minimum number of participants/date for sign up/and date for cancellation if these numbers are not met. 

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