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A photograph in the printshop. There are two relief printing presses with adjacent inking stations. In the background there are rollers, inks, brayers, cleaning supplies, a drying rack and two large windows looking out onto the waterfront.
A photograph of one of the printshop walls. A taxidermy turre sits ontop of a roller shelf. A perforated wall with hooks holds brayers, paint brushes and other tools.
A photograph of the screenprinting room. Screens are scattered around the space, leaning on screenprinting tables. A drying rack stands behind one of the printing tables next to a shelf full of inks and tools. The back wall is yellow with a white door. That door has a SMP puffin logo on it.
A photograph of a drying rack holding several prints. Next to it, there is a red lithography stone lift. In the background, there are shelves filled with lithography stones.
A photograph of the lithography area in the printshop.  In the foreground, there is a lithography printing press. In the background, there is a rolling slab and roller, a test print by artist Jerry Evans, and shelves of lithography ink.


The Printshop has:


2 Brand Intaglio and Relief presses: 22 x 44, 36 x 60”


2 Brand Lithography presses: 24 x 40, 36 x 52”


10 Lithography stones 24 x 36”


25 other stones of varying size


1 vacuum screenprint table


3  screenprinting stations with hinge clamps


Various screens (sizes 20” x 24” & 25” x 36”) Printable area is smaller than dimensions listed


Photopolymer exposure Unit


Photopolymer plates (max size 16 ½ x 23 ⅜ )

At SMP we use Ferric to etch Copper plates and Copper Sulfate to etch Aluminum plates. The Ferric is a vertical bath that can etch a max size of around 14" x 18". 

Our Hot Plate's dimensions are: 18" x 36"

SMP maintains a basic inventory of intaglio, lithographic and relief print materials, supplies and chemistries. Printing paper and drawing materials may be purchased at cost. Chemistries, solvents, transparent base, and black and white ink are covered under general Printshop rental. There are some communal color inks in the shop but the printshop does not expressly provide color inks. 

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