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Print on Wheels: We're Going to Gros Morne!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

St. Michael's is coming to you West Coast NL with our mini press, some cool artists and some fun printing opportunities. So, come print with us in the mountains! Register via the links below: Print Jam at the Cottage Hospital

Date: August 3rd

Location: Old Cottage Hospital

Time: 6-8pm


You’re invited to a printmaking jam at the Old Cottage Hospital in Norris Point. Presented by St Michael’s Printshop and Creative Gros Morne this will be an informal workshop and hang out where participants will design and make a print with assistance from St Michael’s staff. We will have lino blocks for carving, and plexi plates for making monotype prints. Materials included! Bring sketches, pictures, ideas, or just yourself. Everyone is welcome, no printmaking experience necessary!

Date: August 7th

Time: 10am-12pm


A live printing pop-up event to introduce printmaking to those unfamiliar with it and a chance for printers to try out our mini press! Live Printing Pop-Ups are a drop-in event where participants choose a pre-carved block that they ink and run through the mobile press, creating a print they take home with them.

Date: August 7th

Location: Meet at the start of the trail to the tablelands

Time: 1:30pm- 4:30pm


**In the case of rain we will hold the workshop inside the Woody Point Discovery Center

St Michael’s Printshop and Creative Gros Morne present: Monotype in the Mantel:a Hike and Plein Air printmaking workshop. In this workshop participants will take a short hike to the platform in the tablelands and make a watercolor monotype print on our mobile press. Learn about water-based monotype prints, one-of-a-kind artworks, which fuse printmaking and painting (and of course drawing). Participants will learn how to make unique prints by painting watercolor, using watercolor pastels and cut stencils to create images on plexiglass that they will print on the mobile press. The workshop will take place in the tablelands where participants can draw inspiration the awe inspiring landscape

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