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Frottage Watercolour monotype workshop

Updated: May 12, 2022

Location: St Michael's Printshop, 72 Harbour Dr, 2nd floor, St John's, NL Date/time: Saturday May 21 1-4pm Cost: $60 Max participants: 8 Join visiting artist Charley Young for a workshop using Frottage and Monotype techniques. Frottage is when you make a rubbing of a surface or object. Monotype is a form of printmaking where you make one unique print instead of multiples. In this workshop participants will make rubbings and use these to create monotypes. The first half of the workshop will entail creating site-specific rubbings outside (weather permitting) or inside the shop using water soluble crayons/pencils. The second half of the workshop will include cutting and composing those rubbings and running them through the press onto rag paper. Participants will leave the workshop with a monotype they created from the rubbings they collected in the class. **Participants will be required to wear a mask during the workshop. If you have been or are experiencing Covid symptoms please stay home and contact SMP and we will refund you for the workshop.

I will follow up with the link to pay for workshop.

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