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Local visiting Artist Program

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How To Apply:

St. Michael’s Printshop (SMP) accepts applications to our Local Artist Residency in multiple formats. Our preference is for artists to apply with the google form. Proposals can also be emailed to SMP in writing or pitched to SMP in the form of a zoom interview, which will be recorded for the jury. 

Option #1 

Written Application: Fill out the google form, and follow instructions on how to submit your support material. 

*If you do not have a Gmail (to access the google form) please download the application form and email us your written response (email: stmichaelsprintshop@gmail.com)


Option #2

To schedule a Zoom pitch: 

Please contact SMP Executive Director Christeen Francis, at info@stmichaelsprintshop.com no later than October 15th, 2021 to schedule a date/time for a 10-minute pitch of your ideas.

  • Please fill out this online form by October 15th. 
    *If you do not have a Gmail (to access the google form) please download the application form and email us your written response (email: stmichaelsprintshop@gmail.com)


  • For your Zoom pitch/presentation you will be required to answer the project proposal prompts supplied below

  • Maximum of 10 images/slides in your Zoom pitch

Application Questions/Prompts:

*indicates required 

  1. Project Summary* (75 words max)  please provide a clear and concise overview of your project.

  2. A detailed project proposal* (300-500 words max) that may include the following:

    1. a. What are the themes/ideas/interests you wish to explore during your residency?

    2. b. What are the processes/techniques you wish to use during your residency?

  3. Artist Statement* (250 words max) that may include the following:

    1. a. What are the general themes/ideas/interests that you explore in your practice beyond the scope of the residency? 

    2. b. What are the overarching goals of your artistic practice and how do you work towards them?

  4. Artist Bio* (150 words max)

  5. Are there any accessibility requirements that SMP should be made aware of? (approx. 100 word, optional)

    1. Note: SMP has several physical accessibility barriers. The shop is located on the second floor of an old building without an elevator. If SMP can make adjustments to our space to make it more accessible and inclusive please let us know here. 

  6. Support Materials* you may include up to 10 items of support material (Images, JPG, max 1MB). For audio/video work include a link to a streaming platform such as SoundCloud, Vimeo or YouTube in your support material inventory. For video support materials clips can be up to 3 minutes long maximum. Specify the start/end times for the clip you’d like watched.

    1. Title all files with your name in the order you want them viewed (ie: 01_YourName.jpg)

  7. Inventory/Image List.* An inventory is a list of all of the files that you are sending us in order and should include all relevant information to help the jury understand your work. This can be the title of the work, the year it was made, any collaborators, location, dimensions, materials etc. What you include in your inventory is up to you. All YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo links should be included here.

  8. CV* (3 pages max) an updated resume that confirms a professional arts practice. 


This program offers local and provincial artists the opportunity to work on and develop ideas in a professional printmaking facility for one month. In order to qualify, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

Must be a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador, and be willing to relocate to St John’s for the one month residency. 

Conditions of the Residency

The residency recipient agrees to:

  • Donate two prints from each edition* printed during the residency to St. Michael’s Printshop. One of these prints will be retained in the printshop’s archives, the other is used for fundraising purposes.

*We appreciate that not all contemporary print practices conform to traditional editions and in such instances, we can work out alternative arrangements.

  • Please note a required component of the residency will be to facilitate either a workshop, artist talk or a community event. Successful applicants will develop their preferred event in consultation with SMP staff to identify topics/programming that highlights the applicant’s strengths and best serves the community.

Benefits of Scholarship

  • Free membership and rent-free 24-hour access to the Printshop for a 4 week period

  • $1,000 Artist Fee

  • up to $500 stipend for travel if the artist needs to relocate/travel to be in St. John’s for the duration of the residency (receipts will be required)

SMP Staff and the Programming Committee are committed to working with the successful applicant to support them to address their individual needs during the duration of the residency.

We encourage applicants to consider ArtsNL’s funding opportunities if accepted (not a requirement of the residency). We are happy to provide a letter of support for their ArtsNL application. 

ArtsNL PPGP deadline: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

ArtsNL Travel Funding Application Periods:

The PATF operates four funding cycles each fiscal year:
April 1 to June 30
July 1 to September 30
October 1 to December 31
January 1 to March 31

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