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VIsiting Artist Program

Each year St. Michael’s Printshop invites applications from international, national and provincial artists who wish to come and work at the Printshop for a one-month period. A total of six residencies are offered during the year.

Artists are paid a residency fee and given full access to St. Michael’s Printshop for a one month period. In return, artists offer one community engagement event, or workshop, mentorship to the Don Wright Scholar and supply two prints from each edition created during the residency to SMP.

2023 artists

Eric Mummery
October 2022

Laurence Finet

April 2023

Kaleena Stasiak

May 2023

Kathryn Durst

June 2023

Josh Brien

July 2023

Mark Bath


August 2023

2022 artists

Ashley Hemmings
March 2022

Kevin Melanson

March 2022

Nasim Makaremi

April 2022

Karen Kar Yen Law

April 2022

Charley Young

May 2022

Kiona Ligtvoet
July 2022

Erik Ruin

August 2022

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