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Strategic Plan- Member's Meeting

Updated: May 25, 2022

Calling all active members! SMP is working on a new strategic plan and we want your input! We are planning an in person conversation about SMP’s future (there is an option for zoom if you are not in the area, but in person is preferred). This will be a two hour conversation facilitated by Tom Cooper, local facilitator, prof and strategic plan wizard. This is a members only event, where you will be able to voice your hopes and dreams for what SMP can be. Tom will take general notes that he will then present to the board during their planning session.

The meeting will take place at SMP on June 15th from 6-8pm. Pizza will be provided and will arrive at 5:45pm. Come early and slam some pizza or grab a slice and chat while the meeting is rolling.

Staff will not be at the event to ensure privacy for members, except for our newest member Nakita who will moderate the Zoom portion. Everything said in the conversation will be kept anonymous when the notes are presented by Tom.

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