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Gallery Usage

St. Michael’s Printshop has a white-walled gallery space next to its studio space. The Gallery is available for SMP members who wish to self-organize events and exhibitions in the space. Perhaps you want to organize a pop-up exhibition/sale of prints you and some friends recently made, or maybe you want to throw up some art on white walls and document it in a gallery setting. There are many reasons one would need the use of a gallery and St. Michael’s Printshop would like to help you facilitate that!

PXL_20210828_222356901.MP (1).jpg
IMG_20211203_113615 (2).jpg

guidelines/rules for using the gallery space:

  • It is free to use the gallery except for specific circumstances*

  • We do not pay CARFAC fees for exhibitions since these would be non-juried/self-organized**

  • The gallery has two walls that can be used for hanging artworks

  • All gallery-use proposals must be negotiated with the Programming Committee of the printshop, starting with filling out the form below

  • Gallery use is only for current members of SMP

  • You must leave the gallery the way you found it – ie. clean up any mess made, patch holes on the wall (we provide the tools for that)

  • Make sure your membership is up to date before booking the gallery space, you can do that here.

*A fee is negotiated for sale events on a case-by-case basis
**we are working towards eventually having juried shows in our gallery which would pay CARFAC fees

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