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Tuesday and Thursdays
Jan 25th, 30th, Feb 1, 6, 8 
Price: $300 non-members, $270 members


Reduction relief printing is a method to achieve a multicolour print using one block. The artist carves away or “reduces” portions of a printing block, printing at intervals, one colour at a time. 

**This is a workshop for those who already have some experience in basic (single-colour) relief printmaking (linocut or woodcut) and who would like to expand their skill-set to create multiple-colour prints.

Over the course of five evenings, participants will work reductively with a block of linoleum to produce a small edition of a three-colour print. Participants will create a drawn image using two to three different colours. Instruction will cover image development and preparation, colour decisions, and technique for accurate registration of multiple colours. All necessary materials including cutting tools will be supplied, but participants are welcome to bring their own tools.

Reduction Relief Workshop

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